The card holder

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My boss and I were attending this big kick-off meeting, she sat next to me and suddenly said

Her:  is that your name card holder?

Me: hm.. yes.. why?

Her: remind me to buy you a new one.

Me: but, this is Longchamp

Her: oh really?


The next couple of days, she got me this!!!!!

[insert emoji dance here]


Gyutandon at Daitokyo

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Enyakkkk yahhh @amandatisnas!!!!

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I’ve heard a lot of hype about this place and its gyutandon.  It’s located in a small restaurant in little tokyo Blok M area.  It’s not very convincing from the outside, but once you’re inside, you’d know that it’s a legit Japanese restaurant.  I immediately ordered their favorite menu; the gyutadon and the corn butter.   These are the only reason I was there by the way.  Annddd the gyutandon was reallyyy nice, it was tender, reasonable price, simple yet fulfilling.  Definitely going back there again.